Our Services

Heritage Workshop Offers a Wide Range Of Services For their Clients, Such As:

1.) Complete Restorations of your vintage or classic vehicle as well as Refurbishments.

This entails either a complete rebuild of your vehicle from the ground up whereby every inch your of your vehicle is worked on with precision and care until it restored to its former glory, or the refurbishment and uprating of its current condition.

2.) Mechanical Repairs and Servicing.

We are well equipped here at Heritage Workshop, together with our competent team and, well experienced in working on vintage and classic vehicles.  We are able to tackle any mechanical issues that may occur with your vehicle and do in-depth servicing and overall assessment of your vehicle.

3.) Panel Beating, Spray Painting & Chrome Plating.

Complete services are offered with care and supervision to a very high standard.

4.) Upholstery, Carpeting, Hood Lining and Seats.

These services are offered in a variety of materials, including imported leather & carpeting.

5.) All Spoke, aluminium & Steel Wheels

We can re-spoke and refurbish road wheels of all types.

6.) Exhaust Repairs.

Standard or specialised exhaust systems are offered on all vehicles.

7.) Appraisals.

We are qualified and experienced in the vintage and classic vehicle industry and we have the authority to evaluate your vehicle and give you an accurate appraisal of your vehicle in its present condition and what value it could hold if completely restored to original condition.

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